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What to Look at When Picking a Bankruptcy Law Firm

Deep financial problems can leave you in a very dark place, and they can be so severe that you would want to file for bankruptcy which can be one of the lowest moments in one’s life. Nevertheless, finding the right bankruptcy can be more daunting while in this period because there is no room for mistake as it can be catastrophic. With a lot of bankruptcy firms existing in the domain, how do you determine the ideal bankruptcy law firm for your individual needs? The last thing you would want is regretting picking the wrong bankruptcy lawyer. You only need to hire the wrong lawyer, and you will see your bankruptcy approval that you greatly need going down the drain. That indicates that you have to do your homework before you make any contractual agreements. We have outlined a few pointers to look out for when looking for a bankruptcy firm and ensure you get the best one.
First and foremost, it is imperative that you seek a bankruptcy firm solely. By this we imply getting a bankruptcy firm that only practices in the specialty of bankruptcy, and several other similar cases. Plenty of law firms out there practicing personal injury, worker’s compensations, as well as other legal specialties are also focusing on bankruptcy cases. It is hard to be skilled in everything, not counting that you always have to become accustomed with the ever-changing bankruptcy law. You will want to work with a law firm whose attention is centered only on bankruptcy cases. Check how many bankruptcies the lawyer in the firm has filed. When you are scheduling your free initial meeting, be sure the person you will be consulting with is indeed a bankruptcy lawyer and not a paralegal or sales assistant. You want your financial advice to come from a certified and trained bankruptcy lawyer.
On top of that, make sure you are looking for a law firm with an experienced bankruptcy attorney. Ask the lawyer in the firm about the types of bankruptcy cases he or she handles. Some lawyers prefer handling Chapter 7 cases, while others limit their practice to Chapter 13 bankruptcy. Other lawyers do a blend of both. A majority of bankruptcy lawyers with a small practice don’t take Chapter 11 Cases due to the intricacy. At the end of the day, go for bankruptcy lawyers with considerable experience in the cases within the Chapter you intend to file.
Last but not least, don’t make appointments without first figuring out what the firm usually charges for Chapter 7 or Chapter 13 cases. Cheaper will be costly when facing a complicated matter, and you don’t want a lawyer that is seeking shortcuts. Go for a bankruptcy firm that will offer affordable rates for their services without compromising quality.
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